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Lindsey Louise

CHAPTER 1 - Janelle.

I strolled down 5th street towards my favorite coffee joint on the corner. It was a blindingly-sunny morning & I pushed my shades up the ridge of my nose to protect my eyes. My heels clicked on the pavement as I strutted at a steady cat-walk pace into the door of the shop. My senses were met with the delicious aroma of fresh-ground beans. I stood in the short line to the register, pondering on my choice of beverage. Caramel Cooler or a White Chocolate Mocha? The difficult decision of the day. Yeah, my life was pretty easy.

I'm Janelle Brennen. You may or may not have heard of me. I am a house-hold name to annual Sundance Film-Festival attendees, but I am certainly in no league with say.. Angelina Jolie. I make pretty decent money, acting in various indie-films. I've played some memorable characters & had my movies up for some pretty prestigious awards.

Not 2 months ago, I got a call from a mister Jerry Bruckheimer offering me a role in his upcoming pirate production, Blood Flowers. He fed-ex'd me a script overnight, & 3 pages in, I fell in love. The writing was amazing, & every line my eyes scanned over sent shivers down my spine. I felt like this was a true calling, it was meant to be. I agreed to do it, so honored that he'd thought of me for such a major role. This would be the biggest movie i'd ever been cast in, & I couldn't have been more excited. He sent me a plane ticket to the Caribbean for the filming. I was due to leave on March 1st.

Tomorrow was March 1st. I was anxious to leave & start my new life on the islands. Today was my last day in L.A for a long while. There were a few odds & ends that I still needed to pick up for my travels, motion-sickness pills being at the top of my list. After thoroughly enjoying my Caramel Cooler, I drove myself over to the nearest Target. I stocked up on painkillers, Insect repellent & the highest SPF of Sun-lotion I could find. I also picked up some new albums to transfer onto my ipod. Music is what would keep my sanity on the long flight. I also signed a few autographs in the checkout lane on my way home. I loved my fans, however few & far between they were.

Before I knew it, my day came to a close. I was back in my quaint apartment just outside the city. I decided to let my good friend Angela come stay & look after my home while I was off on location. She was the one person I could fully trust to keep my place under control & completely the way I left it upon my return. I finished packing my last bag, checking my list of necessities for the hundreth time. It appeared that I hadn't forgotten anything. I hauled the luggage over to my door so as to make my departure an easier one. My flight left at 7:15 am, so i'd be heading out around 5. I crawled into my warm bed for the last time, dozing off finally.

My cellphone sang a little diddy on my night-stand, warning me of the time. My eyes shot open & adrenaline surged through me. I couldn't believe how amazing this all was. I slipped into a teal frock over some gray lace-lined leggings, & buckled a white-belt round my middle. I left my Red-auburn wavy hair down to sweep across my shoulders & applied light make-up to my eyes. I put on my good-luck ratty old chuck taylor's & headed for the door. Angela had spent the night & was up with me to help drag my bags down to the waiting cab out front. After all my shit was loaded into the trunk, I pulled Angie into a tight embrace.

"I'll miss you!" I pouted at her. She mimicked my expression & nodded.
"You're going to have the time of your life though! There won't be time to miss little old me." She sighed melodramatically, then cracked a smile.
I laughed. "I'll be calling you every week with juicy movie details, I promise!" I pecked her on the cheek & slid into the back seat.
She waved as the cab pulled out & sped away. I really would miss her. She was my best friend, & although I was sure i'd meet plenty of new people on the set, I knew she'd always be my number one.

The airport was understatedly busy. I checked all my luggage & with an hour to spare, I went & bought a few magazines to read & a cup of coffee. I sipped & flipped through the pages of US Weekly, trying to find an article that wasn't about Britney Spears. I almost felt bad for the broad, but then again, she pretty much asked for all the bad attention she got. Who's stupid enough to seat their toddler on their lap as they drive one-handed? Idiot woman. Terrible mother. She brought it all on herself. If I had her social standing, i'd be much more aware of how I was appearing in public. I'd stay the hell away from Paris Hilton & i'd spend time trying to better the world, rather than party my life away at lame Hollywood hangouts.

The hour flew by & before I knew it, my airline seat was being called. I swung my tote over my shoulder & made my way down the terminal. My plane was relatively small with plenty of seats to spare. I was flying to the caribbean, not Paris. I sat myself down in a window seat, relieved that no one came to sit next to me. I always seemed to be assigned right next the old guy with smelly breath who tended to fall asleep on my shoulder & snore in my ear. I used the empty seat to put my carry-on duffle upon. I was all set to go, & apparently so was the plane. It turned full circle & made it's way onto the runway, taking off into the dark early-morning sky. I shut my window-shade to block the oncoming sunrise.

It was still way too early for me, even after my cup of strong coffee. I fell asleep straight away on my little folding table.

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